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Grow YOU First and Then Your Cleaning Company

In the last episode, Mike talked about how important it is to have a Successful Growth Mindset for your Cleaning Company.  Today, we meet Mariana Lacombe, the newest member of the GMCC family and the Mindset Coach to cleaning company owners enrolled in our program.  She explains why it’s so important to Grow YOU first, and then your Cleaning Company.

Meet Mariana!

Mariana has years of experience working with many different business owners and leaders around the world.  She left a very successful career in the corporate world to pursue her dream of helping people with their businesses full time, and has been doing so now for seven years.  She has been part of the Tony Robbins team, and she’s super excited to be here now, part of the Grow My Cleaning Company team, helping clients grow their businesses and enjoy better lives.

What’s all this Woo-Woo mindset stuff?

Mike explains that the younger Mike used to have an attitude where he wanted just the facts. “Tell me how to do it and I’d do it.” he laughs.  He didn’t want any of this ‘woo woo’ mindset stuff!

Knowing what to do and how to do it is good, and we have influence over how those things get done.  But we can’t really control it. What we can control is how we respond to what happens. And as a coach, you can give this ‘secret’ to two different people and each person will have two different experiences with that information.  One person will flourish and transform, and the other will have excuses and not improve their situation.

Skillset versus Mindset

Marianna explains that most successful people will tell you that 80% of their success comes from their mindset, and 20% comes from their skillset.  And why is that? Having the knowledge of what to do is something everyone can have. It’s like weight loss – we all KNOW what to do – eat less, exercise more – but not all of us do it, so not all of us lose weight.  Mindset is your frame of mind. It is what you think and what you feel that is going to change the game. In business maybe you are a ‘go-getter’ – a ‘just do it’ type of person. But if you’re in a bad state of mind – you’re having problems in your family, or a health problem – that is going to impact the results in your business. So you need that balance between mindset and skillset –  the integration of how you feel and how you think – in order to make better decisions and get better results.

A Big Transformation

A guy hired Mariana to help his business grow.  He had hit a plateau that had been going on for three years.  His business was stuck and not growing the way he wanted it to.  He was really energetic, had a fantastic big heart, and was super nice.  However, she was noticing some things were a bit off with him. One day he was really upset, and he confessed that he was having issues with wife and was thinking about divorce.  When Mariana asked how long this had been going on, he said about three years. Mariana explained to him that she didn’t think this was a coincidence. While he may not have thought how he was feeling about his wife was affecting his business, ultimately it was! Mariana worked with him on this issue, the guy made a decision on what to do regarding his wife, became aware of what was going on, and immediately his business revved back into gear and started to grow.  

Know What You Don’t Know

This is Mariana’s analogy of how people think their personal lives aren’t affecting their business:  You are a mirror for your business, or rather, your business is a mirror of you. Imagine that the work you need to do is an iceberg in the ocean.  You know about the iceberg, you know it is there and that under the water it’s huge. You may not know how huge, but you know it’s there. These are the things you know, and the things you know you don’t know. The ocean, on the other hand, is the complete unknown – what you don’t know that you don’t know.  When you know what you don’t know, this is familiar and ‘known’. Mindset work taps into the unknown, and is so important to having a healthier life, and a healthier business. Mindset work will help you Grow YOU first, and then you can more successfully Grow your Cleaning Company.

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How To Take Care Of Your Curtains| Premium Curtain Cleaning Services From Hicare

Check out the step by step guide to clean up your curtains from both inside and outside. Hicare, being India’s most trusted Home cleaning service company demonstrates these few curtain clean up steps which includes ‘vacuuming all the dust’, ‘sanitizing the curtains with steam burst’ & finally ‘taking out the moisture & dust from it’ etc..

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How to Do Employee Reviews for Your Cleaning Company

Do you want a team that you will be proud of, especially in front of prospects, family, and customers, that will be your competitors would be jealous of?

In this video, I dive into how I made my hiring funnel drip with Core Values and how this was a total game-changer for me, and how YOU can set yourself up for hiring success.

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Office Cleaning Services – Spring Cleaning

Spring brings on allergy season. Here are some steps to engage in spring cleaning services properly with things like vacuuming and mopping to prevent allergies.

The Budd Group strives to honor God as a company: providing excellence by safely delivering services in janitorial, maintenance, and landscaping; offering development opportunities for their employees; and contributing to their community.

Biostar Cleaning Services Pte Ltd

Biostar Cleaning Services strives to provide quality and consistent services to our customers in varying establishments, like condominiums, learning centres, commercial offices, and foreign banking corporations. We always place our clients’ interest above everything by supplying advance cleaning equipment to increase productivity. Our workforce is well trained, skilled, and professional, and provides resounding work ethics. Give us a call to get more information!

Cleaning Services Woodland Hills, CA | Molly Maid of the West Valley

Woodland Hills, CA Cleaning Service

We care about providing a consistent, thorough clean. At Molly Maid we respect our customers, their homes and their time because what use is free time if you spend it worrying about your maid service? Our residential housekeeping services have saved your neighbors time. Why not experience the same professional home cleaning for yourself?

Free in-home consultations help us to understand your expectations of our household cleaning service. This discovery process uncovers your special house cleaning instructions, frequency of home cleanings and whether green cleaning services are right for you. We listen to special instructions about not dusting that special antique, or concerns about finding balance between using green cleaning products and disinfectants that kill harmful bacteria.

Molly Maid provides Cleaning Services, Maid Services, and Janitorial service to the greater, Woodland Hills, Northridge, Chatsworth, and Tarzana California area.

Molly Maid of the West Valley
22122 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Hire a Cleaner | Cleaning Services

Hire a Cleaner in London with Blade Recruitment, £12.25 p/h based on a 40 hour week. Vetted Cleaners available for immediate start in the UK. If you looking for a reliable Cleaning Service, try cleaners from Blade.

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